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Something calls out to them from the darkness of space, it whispers hidden truths about the universe. It has raised them from an infant society and now it beckons to them, "Come, look and see what is behind the star." should they answer the call?

This science fiction graphic novel tells the story of Waanzilishi. After being cast out from greater African society, the Waanzilishi discover a secret in desert caves never before touched by man. This secret allows them to rapidly grow from a small tribe into a reclusive technologically advanced society who specialize in biologically based technology.

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Now that their society has matured culturally and technologically they look to the cosmos, hoping to seek out the source of the mysterious force which has aided in their development. Is it God, some benevolent race from a distant world, or something else entirely?

Ten young adults have been trained most of their lives for this mission. They do not know what they may find, but go knowing fully well that they may never return. The recently grown living vessel, as well as living space suits, are the pinnacle of Waanzilishi technology, an achievement decades in the making. 

The living vessel is self-regulating and self-repairing. By "plugging in" to it voyagers will be provided with necessary nutrients, and be healed rapidly if needed.

This Legend Of Gomni launches November 15th on Indiegogo! Join the list to be notified when the campaign goes live!

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