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Good News: Tadhya is almost finished being drawn...Bad News is.....

Good News: Tadhya is almost finished being drawn...Bad News: my colorists' hard drive crashed and he lost ALL of the colorings he had done on Tadhya. We attempted to have the hard drive restored but it was not possible. Jean is now restarting the colorwork on all of the pages from the beginning. This, unfortunately, will take several weeks to complete, which means the book has no chance of shipping in December as planned. This is obviously super disappointing for us all, but once the coloring is finished this book will be out there as fast as it can be printed! Thanks so much, guys. - Quinn.

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Hey Quinn,

I hope this message makes it to you and finds you in good health and happiness.

I’m a new member, just discovered your YouTube channel ‘Quinn’s Ideas.’ Several days ago with your synopsis’s of the Netflix show, The ‘3’ body problem/ the book series.

I have to say that I really enjoyed your mashup’s. I haven’t even watched the Netflix show, well I keep watching the same 30 mins of season 1 episode 1 over and over again.

I really appreciated your content, as I have now watched your videos about a dozen other sci fi series books and have to say that you have recommended some really amazing books.

I hurried to this website after see…


Sep 03, 2022

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Dean Rogers
Dean Rogers
Nov 21, 2020

No backups?

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